CrazyPowder magnified 7000 times! Now you can see why it "Works like Crazy"!

How CrazyPowder Works*

When CrazyPowder is taken into the body it is working 3 different ways: 1st: As you can see from the picture of CrazyPowder- (magnified 7000 times) - it looks like a cylinder full of holes--kind of like Rice Chex Cereal. This cylinder has a very strong negative charge. As these millions of cylinders move through the stomach and digestive tract, they attract and absorb bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticide and drug residues, E-Coli, and heavy metals. These are trapped inside the cylinder and passed out of the body. In addition, any larger parasites that happen to be in the stomach of digestive tract are "cut up" and killed by the sharp edges of the CrazyPowder. All of these activities result in a much healthier body with less sickness. We often hear the phrase "I just feel better" with our  CrazyPowder users. This better feeling comes from all the "junk" being removed from the body and by giving our immune system the "jump start" it needs.

CrazyPowder is very hard!

2nd:CrazyPowder is very hard. On the harness scale where diamonds are a 9, CP is a 7. This is very important, because as those millions of tiny hard and sharp CP cylinders pass through the small and large intestines, they "scrub" the walls. After only a few months of taking CrazyPowder, the intestine wall is no longer coated with mucus and molds but CLEAN!! The advantages of this are several: Regular bowel movements (This is the #1 comment everyone makes about CP) Healthier Colon. This is especially important as we get older. A clean healthy colon keeps away polyps, cancers, and ulcers. Today, many are spending thousands of dollars to get colonics to do the same thing as CrazyPowder does! Many users report increased energy and needing less sleep. This is a result of all the food and nutrients that are taken in being better absorbed into the blood stream. With a coated colon--many nutrients never get absorbed. 

3rd: A small amount of CrazyPowder gets absorbed into the blood stream as silica.   One of the benefits of Silica is that it helps to destroy bad fats. Everyone that we know that is taking CrazyPowder has lowered their cholesterol by 40-50 points. Everyone is also amazed at how their high blood pressure goes down. Go to the page on "Human Use" and review all of the benefits of silica to the body. Sore joints and ligaments feel better.  Skin clears up (acne-age spots-psoriasis)  Hair and nails are stronger and grow faster. Stronger teeth and gums. Healthier respiratory tract--less coughing.  Menopause has less symptoms.  Healthier urinary tract    The benefits of silica are many. In today's grains, there is actually a shortage of silica. Years ago, the silica found in our foodstuffs was adequate, but with today's hybrids and depleted soils, only about 1/3 of the silica needed is supplied in our food. CrazyPowder is a simple and inexpensive way to get the silica your body needs that you are not getting from your foods!  

CrazyPowder   is 100% organic and 84% silica!
Look what silica does for us below!

* Normalize circulation and regulate high blood pressure (hypertension). 
* Decrease vertigo, headaches, tinnitus (buzzing of the ears) and insomnia.
*Helps diabetes by promoting synthesis of elastase inhibitor by the pancreas. 
 * Helps arterial disease by strengthening the blood vessels. 
 * Helps to prevent Tuberculosis.  
* By improving the elasticity of the joints, Silica helps Rheumatism.
* Avoiding or alleviating Alzheimer's disease by preventing the body from  
    absorbing aluminum and may flush out aluminum from the tissues. 
* Stimulates cell metabolism and division.
 * Delays the aging process of the tissues; in younger persons, the tissues 
     typically contain more Silica than in older people.  
 * Increases mobility and reduces pain in osteoarthritis and sclerotic conditions.
* Alleviate lower back pain.  
* Aids in faster healing of broken bones.
 * Beautify hair with shine, elasticity and strength. 
 * Prevent wrinkles.

*DISCLAIMER These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements are for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace the services or recommendations of a physician or qualified health care practitioner. Those with health problems, pregnancy or who are nursing are specifically advised that they should consult their physician before taking any nutritional supplement.    

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