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Sleeping better after CrazyPowder

I was awakened during the night to my little dog (who sleeps in the bed with me) being agitated and not sleeping as normal. I turned the light on to inspect him to see if he may have a tick or flea. To my amazement I saw which appeared to be fettuccine noodles wiggling from his back side. I almost cried. I had never seen this before. I immediately got on the internet to find out what these were and how to eliminate them! I ordered CP and kept him (AND ME) on it for 30 days. His coat is shiny, his eyes gleam, he has so much more energy. I feel and sleep better and my lower back pain has disappeared. I will never stop telling people about CP or stop giving this to my pets! You can spend $thousands on conventional wormers and drugs and this natural product not only helps everyone - It does not hurt or have side effect of ill nature! Thank you!!

Marie, North Carolina

Works great on German Shepherds

We got our 9 week old puppy in May, 07. For the next 9 months we fought a constant battle with intestinal roundworms. Over-the-counter & veterinary treatments helped for a couple of weeks, then she would be infested again. I searched the web for worm treatments when I found your website in February, 08.

I put 1.5 level tablespoons in her food twice daily. The next day after the first treatment she passed a huge number of worms. She passed worms for the next 3 days. After the fourth day there were no more worms in her stool. Her stool was no longer wet & soupy but solid & firm.

8 months later she is still worm free. I put CP in her food & water occasionally now, not every day. Your product has eliminated intestinal parasites from her life. Every vet should know about your product.

Thanks from Mike Love, Joe & Belle.

It Works!

I'm happy to share my experience

I am SO glad I found this product

Just a note to say...your CrazyPowder product is FANTASTIC!!! I've been mixing a quantity of this to my cats dry food for about 2 weeks now and the stubborn worms are GONE, and his coat is beautiful. He even seems happier! I am SO glad I found this product, thank you for having this available.

tom (valleycamper)

Amazed at the quick end results!

When I lived in Phoenix, AZ, as a breeder of Champion Dogs, it was very important for me to be able to keep my pets safe from any harmful pest that crawl around on the ground and onto my pets, or into their food and water bowls. Our most common problems were, ticks, fleas, scorpions, ants, and roaches. Within 1 wk of applying CP to my kennel area, front and back yard, I was so amazed at the quick end results! I never had to worry about another bug crawling on my dogs again, or getting into their food or water. The added bonus to using this is that once applied to the area it seemed to have an ever lasting affect, we had hard rains that year, gusty winds, not to mention the daily rinsing of the kennels and daily watered grass area where they lay and play. I didn't see another ant, roach, scorpion or tick again! Plus to my surprise, flies, which I thought were a given, were rarely ever seen! Just wanted to give you my experience with CrazyPowder. Thanks!

Tucson, AZ

I love your product

Hello, I love your product. I have been giving your CrazyPowder to my horses, dogs, cats and myself. I have replaced my horses chemical dewormers. Giving CP to my horses for a few weeks now. I needed proof it was working so I had my veterinarian spin test the manure for worms and worm eggs. Not one egg or worm . Chemical dewormers are hard on a horses gut but I must keep them worm free to avoid colic . Thanks for a wonderful web page . All the information is very helpful.

Katrina Turnage

A very happy dog

I adopted a dog from a shelter that had heartworms.The meds they were giving was not helping her--she had severe coughing with blood present as well. As soon as I got her home I threw the meds in the garbage and started her on CrazyPowder daily. After 1 month she was free of heartworms, no more coughing, and lots of energy, a very happy dog. I have 5 dogs and they all get the CP, and they are very healthy.

Peggy from Florida

Pricing per pound

Thank You!

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